Why should you lease phone booths?

There are many advantages of leasing, we explain everything to you in this article!

By Estelle Josse
Why should you lease phone booths?

The market for Phone box is booming, they are becoming an indispensable part of the best open spaces. Many are interested in them but the price and the investment they represent may put some off. Indeed, for quality acoustic booths, you must be ready to mobilize a certain budget. (To know how to choose a quality phone box, we recommend our article on the subject.)

The leasing offer can be an interesting solution for companies that do not want to directly mobilize a budget in acoustic meeting rooms.

What are the many advantages of phone booth for your business?

Modern companies are unanimous, open and open-space offices are collaborative spaces that bring real added value to the professional world and to the working conditions of employees.
Space saving, team cohesion, the development of collective intelligence, a sense of belonging to a group, optimization of internal communication, all these benefits for productivity and the company's image should not overlook the main disadvantage of these solutions: noise and lack of privacy.

Indeed, although shared workspaces bring more conviviality to exchanges between colleagues and the collaborative spirit, in such a work environment, a simple telephone conversation or a conversation between two team members can quickly represent a source of distraction, or even discomfort for others.

This is where phone booth represents a real acoustic and confidential solution that allows any employee to isolate themselves while remaining in the center of your office spaces. Making calls in complete confidentiality, focusing on a particular file, participating in a videoconference meeting, taking advantage of an intimate space to discuss in a small group, the open-space phone box is a solution that is now essential if you want to respond favorably to the need for comfort, acoustic isolation and privacy of your employees.

What is leasing?

Leasing is a rental solution that allows any consumer to take advantage of a property in return for the payment of monthly payments.

The lease amount is considered to be an expense. Unlike a direct purchase, which is similar to a fixed asset amortized over the estimated life of the property. They don't translate in the same way in accounting/taxation and that's what makes leasing so strong!

Who are phone booths for?

Business incubators, start-ups, coworking spaces, administrative centers... many private and public professional structures have opted to set up open offices. But while these open space offices create real dynamics in the company, promote team cohesion, the emergence of collective intelligence and collaborative work, they have certain limits and constraints for employees.

In your vision of a modern and up-to-date work environment, it is important to think about creating exceptional areas that allow employees to isolate themselves other than by locking themselves in a meeting room or being forced to leave the office.

The phone box allows you to work in an open space while maintaining the possibility of enjoying a moment of privacy to focus on a task, make a confidential call, share freely on a project between colleagues or simply enjoy a moment of calm, far from the hustle and bustle of the shared workspace.

The advantages of leasing

At the level of the accounting balance

The biggest advantage of leasing is, of course, in terms of cash flow. You can thus easily have an acoustic cabin at your disposal without having to add anything. This action is considered to be a rental for the company.

It does not appear in the company's active balance sheet and has no impact on cash flow. This makes it possible to preserve investment and debt capacities. Thus leasing does not impact apparent solvency and makes it possible to maintain borrowing capacity.

At the tax level

Rents resulting from a leasing operation are classified as operating expenses at the level of the income statement. This leads to a reduction in taxable profit, and therefore in the amount of tax to be remitted.

This tax benefit is all the more important as the rental period is short. Since the amounts to be repaid are higher, the reduction in taxable profit will be all the more significant.

At the VAT level

The company does not have to pay all of the VAT at the start of the contract: the bank pays the entire amount at the time of purchase, and the VAT is then distributed over the various rents, throughout the contract. This distribution avoids the need to advance VAT, and thus too much expenditure on the acquisition of your phone box.

At the level of freedom to buy

Leasing is a rental with the option to buy. The company has the option of buying it at the end of the contract but is not obliged to do so. She can choose to return the phone box, or to average an agreement with the company to acquire the property.

Having this choice is less restrictive, you can choose the most appropriate solution depending on your accounting and your needs at the end of the contract.

You also have the option of renewing your lease contract with a new phone box. So you are re-engaging in a contract of 24, 36 or 48 months during which you rent a new acoustic cabin.

The advantages of leasing at Leet design

A unique guarantee

Leet design guarantees its acoustic booths for the duration of the lease contract. Thus, we are committed to responding to any after-sales service request with reactivity.

Quality phone boxes at an affordable price

Through the materials chosen and the service provided, leet design is among the most elegant manufacturers of acoustic cabins. Thanks to the leasing solution, you can equip yourself with our acoustic booths at a lower price.

The limits of leasing

The conditions

Of course, there are a few conditions for buying on lease. Since the bank buys the property on your behalf, it is normal that it requires some conditions.

Your business must be 1 to 2 years old and your balance sheets must be positive.

If you are a startup don't panic! Banking institutions are lenient on startups that have raised funds, as long as they provide proof of their raising!

Why buy when you can choose a leasing option?

Fixed assets can also have benefits. In fact, you can benefit from depreciation and therefore reduce your taxable profit. It is especially the degressive amortization that will be interesting (this option is not applicable to Used phone box).

With degressive amortization, the amount of deductible annuities decreases over time.

It is particularly suitable for growing businesses, which are interested in this increased tax benefit at the beginning of their development, when they need financing the most. As time goes by, the need to reduce their taxation may become less pressing.

In short, you need to choose a purchasing solution that fits your needs and your financial situation. You will always find an advantage. However, we recommend that you take advantage of the leasing solution to offer your employees quality phone boxes. Acoustic booths will contribute to improving the productivity of your employees and therefore to the growth of your business, do not deprive yourself of them for the sake of price!

Now you have no excuse not to buy An acoustic cabin !

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