2023 trends for space planning of your workspaces

This is no longer a theory to prove: an aesthetic framework is a major asset for productivity!

By Céleste Gerbenne
2023 trends for space planning of your workspaces

I. Investing for the long term!

We use our desks and chairs just as much as we use our electronics, so why not as much invest inside?

The average lifespan of average office furniture is 2 years, which means that the renewal of it is wasted time and money. Investing in sustainable furniture saves time and money but also an investment in the work of your employees.

By choosing more furniture originals and unique, you'll find that they're often made from noble materials, making them more resistant to daily wear and tear. This can avoid frequent replacement costs.

If you are taking an ecological approach, it is more and more common to find furniture made with materials environmentally friendly, such as PEFC certified wood or recycled materials. This makes it possible to contribute to a healthy working environment but also to be part of an eco-responsible approach that can be rewarding for the company.

For example, Arches have an estimated lifespan of 10 years. In addition, we are committed to recovering the Arches at the end of their life, in order to recycle them.

II. Aesthetics: an element that should not be overlooked

1. An arrangement in keeping with the times

Combining business with pleasure is possible, even with office furniture. Interior design is no longer a concept to be overlooked, in fact, it is even one of the most important elements if you want to collaborate face-to-face with your colleagues.

More pleasant in everyday life, an aesthetically appealing piece of furniture will add modernity and classy to your space. No more classic and low-quality furniture, in 2023 the trend is raw materials such as wood or steel.

Choosing this type of furniture is a real plus if you often welcome customers. It's a subtle way of Make a good first impression to a visitor.

Moreover, the new generations are the first to seduce! A fan of teleworking but also of social networks, Generation Z will surely be more inclined to work face-to-face if your offices have a plus in terms of interior design. From the barista-style café to the front of your premises, making your workplace a pleasant place to look is really: Up to date.

In medium and large companies, workplace managers aim to optimize employee days as best as possible.

However, this is not enough: we advise you to follow the following tips to furnish your premises properly, in order to highlight these quality objects!

2. What colorimetry should I adopt?

The decoration of your home is a reflection of your beliefs and your dynamics. For example, tidy rooms will have a similar effect on your mind.

Although it may seem trivial, the color chart of your offices can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your employees. From year to year, trends change, so here are some tips that can help you choose the colors for your spaces.

  • Choose colors pastel or Naturals, they will create a soft atmosphere since they do not attack the eyes and unconsciously, the brain.
Couleurs pastel
  • If your space has little exposure to daylight, light colors can help illuminate it; if not, dark colors add structure and contrast to a space that is too bright.
  • Find balance between colors: if you have several strong rooms in your space, prefer simple walls.

Cabine acoustique
At Consolis, Les Arches blend perfectly with the materials and the colorimetry of the premises.

3. A greener work environment

Aesthetic and inexpensive, flora is a must for decorating your spaces. In addition to adding A touch of freshness In your open space, plants have a real impact on your unconscious. Several studies affirm the effect soothing and anti-stress plants on the brain.

Whether in certain shops, premises or building facades, plants have become real decorative objects. Architects, designers and landscape designers work this resource in a variety of forms: green walls, green logos, interior vegetable gardens, but also acoustic booths.

Cabine acoustique végétalisée

It is vegetated using a technique that does not require maintenance: moss and lichen stabilized with glycerin have been applied with vegetable glue.

If your budget is not enough, a few potted plants will suffice to brighten up your offices.

Here are a few ideas for indoor plants that don't require a green thumb:

  • Dracaena Marginata
  • Spathiphyllum
  • Phalangère

If you are not convinced, know that it is leet design approved! On this subject, we invite you to consult our article on techniques to improve the well-being of your employees.

III. Creating living spaces

The mental load can be overwhelming on a daily basis. Whether for theblossoming physical or mental, being in front of a screen all day is not recommended. This is why dedicating less formal spaces, such as areas for rest or social exchanges, is initially, In the spirit of the times and a real investment in all areas.

1. The catering areas

Today, employees will be more likely to devote time to this break than to snacking or fast food. Especially in France, where this culture is particularly widespread.

Canteens or refectories, coworking spaces all have a room dedicated to catering, this space can be a real trump for social interrelationships if you listen to the needs of your employees.

Depending on the number of people concerned, but also on the location of the premises, the equipment provided differs. Before start-ups were popularized, the trend was for canteens or simple microwaves available.

Today, modern coworking spaces include fully equipped kitchens, and in some cases, a more restricted and often more qualitative catering service is offered.

Coworking - Schoolbar
The Schoolbar of the Coworking Schoolab

The French are more and more fans of organic, French and good quality products. If they don't have time to prepare a meal the day before for the next day, but still want to eat wholesome and balanced, the members of your society will surely be very happy with this alternative.

Meal delivery services are also becoming increasingly popular in coworking spaces. It's even possible to collaborate with local restaurants to deliver meals to members on site, saving members from leaving their workspace to go to a restaurant.

That is why, make available a friendly space, furnished with round tables, which promote exchanges, is a very good investment for the development of your employees.

2. Generating well-being through furniture

Did you know that? According to a psychological study conducted at Harvard Medical School in 2006 by researchers M.Bar and M.Neta, rounded objects are better perceived by the brain. Indeed, the study showed, on 140 participants, that, unlike angular shapes, Curved shapes have a calming effect on the feeling zone of the brain.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why Les Arches are also pleasant to use, unlike angular cabins, which can be perceived as boxes, oppressive over time.

Nowadays, special attention is paid to well-being : since the democratization of teleworking, employees have made greater demands on their mental load. You will surely benefit from offering relaxation areas with comfortable sofas and elegantly designed work areas.

If you think that rest areas are not a necessity for your employees, you can opt for multifunctional structures, such as acoustic booths which allow you to isolate yourself from ambient noise and hustle and bustle.

The Arches are comfortable and soothing work spaces, which, in addition to being aesthetic thanks to its two glass walls and its contemporary design, are real bubbles of privacy.

You have the keys in hand to start 2023 well, in a modern environment where your employees will have fun coming.

If your new year is in flex office, we invite you to consult our article on this subject in order to better find you there!

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