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- commercial and event prospecting and the personalization of offers;

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To exercise this right, contact leet design, 15 rue de Milan, 75009 Paris or by email at The user is informed that the information he provides via the forms on the site is necessary to respond to his request and is intended for leet design to process it.

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General Sales Conditions

Article 1 — SCOPE

These contractual provisions are only applicable to “Arche and e-Bulle” products (Arche S, Arche L, Arche D, Arche Q, Arche C, E-Bulle) ordered, delivered and invoiced to the final professional customer established in metropolitan France (hereinafter the “Customer”), as well as to related Installation Services.

Any order of “Arche and e-Bulle” products implies unreserved acceptance by the Customer, and full adherence to these general conditions of sale, which prevail over any other Customer document, and in particular all general purchase conditions, except with the express derogatory agreement of the company LEET DESIGN (hereinafter referred to below). “LEET DESIGN”), as well as earlier versions.

These general conditions of sale are communicated to any Customer who requests them, in order to allow him to place an order with LEET DESIGN.

Article 2 — ORDER

Each order from the Customer is preceded by a quote drawn up by LEET DESIGN indicating the options attached to the Arche, as well as any installation services requested by the Customer. The validity period of the quote is indicated on it.

To confirm his order firmly and definitively, the Customer must return the quote to LEET DESIGN without any modification, either by postal mail signed with the mention “good for agreement”, or by return of an email with the expression of his consent when the quote has been sent to him by email.

This order must be accompanied by the deposit if this is provided for in the estimate. LEET DESIGN will then issue an advance invoice, the full receipt of the deposit conditioning the fulfilment of its obligations by LEET DESIGN.

Article 3 — DELIVERY

Except under special conditions, delivery will be made to the address indicated when ordering, within a period indicated in the quote or by email from the receipt of the purchase order by LEET DESIGN or, if applicable, from the issuance by LEET DESIGN of the advance invoice.

The delivery time is given for information purposes only and without guarantee. Exceeding this deadline cannot give rise to any deduction or compensation.

The period indicated is also automatically suspended by any event independent of LEET DESIGN's control and which has the consequence of delaying delivery.

In the event of delivery by a carrier requiring an appointment with the Customer, the latter will contact the Customer to arrange a delivery appointment. LEET DESIGN cannot be responsible for late delivery due exclusively to unavailability of the Customer after several appointment proposals by the carrier.

In any event, delivery within the time limit can only take place if the Customer is up to date with all his obligations towards LEET DESIGN.


Upon receipt, the Customer must verify the conformity of the products delivered with the products ordered and the absence of an apparent defect. Any defect that can be detected by the Customer after a normal examination of the item sold is deemed to be apparent.

In the event of a complaint relating to apparent defects or conformity, the Customer must express his reservations on the delivery note and confirm them within three days of delivery by e-mail to LEET DESIGN ( or the carrier. Otherwise, the products can no longer be returned or exchanged, pursuant to article 1642 of the Civil Code. The costs incurred in taking back and delivering the new products are the exclusive responsibility of LEET DESIGN.


The installation services provided for in the estimate are carried out in a single session at the place designated in the estimate and on the date fixed by mutual agreement between the customer and LEET DESIGN.

When ordering, the Customer must give the Seller all information necessary for the performance of the Services provided for in the estimate.

The Services subscribed include a single trip. They do not include any travel or additional services.

The Services cannot be provided: if the electrical, telephone or other supply conditions are faulty or do not comply with safety standards; if it is impossible to access the agreed location of the service; if the physical environment of the equipment does not comply with the safety requirements of the manufacturer and/or supplier; if the equipment has been subject to abnormal manipulation (voluntary or not) that has modified its integrity or affected its proper functioning; in the event of an emergency accidental, force majeure or an exoratory cause that partially or totally limits access to the equipment, in particular if the equipment is inaccessible for any reason whatsoever.

When performing the Services, the Customer undertakes to sign an intervention report, imperatively indicating any operating faults observed, or even possible damage caused by LEET DESIGN. Any malfunction and/or damage not reported by said report or not reported by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to LEET DESIGN within 48 hours following the performance of the Services, subject hereof, will be deemed not to have been caused by LEET DESIGN. In the event that the Customer does not sign the intervention report, the Services will be deemed to have been perfectly performed.


If mentioned in the quote, the payment of a deposit will be required when ordering;

In accordance with Order No. 2019-359 of 24 April 2019, a balance invoice is drawn up on the day the delivery is made within the meaning of 3 of the I of article 289 of the General Tax Code. The Customer is required to claim it.

The balance invoice is payable to LEET DESIGN by the Customer within a period indicated in the quote.

Advance payments are not subject to a discount, unless otherwise agreed.

As a reminder, in accordance with article L441-16 of the Commercial Code as amended by ordinance No. 2019-359 of 24 April 2019, failure to respect these payment deadlines is punishable by an administrative fine of a maximum amount of 75,000 euros for a natural person and two million euros for a legal person.

In addition, in accordance with article L 441-10 of the Commercial Code, any invoice not paid by the due date will result in the invoicing of late interest (interest rate applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent refinancing operation, increased by 10 percentage points) and a lump-sum compensation. of forty (40) euros.

In the event of a regulatory change in the amount of the lump-sum compensation, the new amount will automatically be replaced by that contained in these General Terms and Conditions of Use. These penalties run from the first day following the payment deadline, until the day the bill is actually paid.

In accordance with the above text, this lump-sum compensation does not preclude the application of additional compensation in the amount of €500 excluding VAT, upon justification, and invoiced up to the full amount of the amounts that have been incurred for the recovery of the claim, regardless of their nature.

The Customer can pay for the products ordered using the methods offered by LEET DESIGN, which are:
- Check
- Bill of exchange
- Bank Transfer
- Bank direct debit


LEET DESIGN retains ownership of the goods produced until the actual payment of the full price by the Customer. In the event of non-payment by the due date, LEET DESIGN may take back the goods, the sale will be automatically cancelled if it seems to LEET DESIGN and the deposits already paid will remain accrued to it in return for the enjoyment of the goods from which the Customer has benefited.

Cheques and bills of exchange are considered payments only as soon as they are actually received. Until this date, the retention of title clause retains its full right.

These provisions do not prevent the transfer, upon delivery, of the risks of the products sold. The Customer undertakes, until full payment of the price, on pain of immediate claim of the products by the Seller, not to transform or incorporate said products, nor to resell or pledge them.


“Arche and e-bubble” products benefit from a contractual guarantee provided by LEET DESIGN, the duration of which is specified in the invoice.

This warranty begins on the date of installation of the Arche and the e-bubble and requires that the product covered by the warranty be installed within the geographical limits of metropolitan France.

Under this warranty and subject to the exclusion cases mentioned, LEET DESIGN ensures the replacement or repair of the part (s) recognized as defective. The warranty also includes labor and travel costs generated by the repair on site or in the factory.

LEET DESIGN intervenes after analysis of the technical file and within twenty working days following the consideration of the intervention request.

LEET DESIGN undertakes to carry out repairs on site provided that the technical conditions allow it. If the failure requires a return to the factory or an additional intervention, this return to the factory or this additional intervention will take place within 5 working days following the first intervention. This period may be extended by the deadline for manufacturing specific and/or custom-made components.

The warranty is limited to the repair of Arche products, so LEET DESIGN is exempt from liability for any direct or indirect damage, regardless of its nature, caused by the poor functioning of the guaranteed product. LEET DESIGN is also exempt from all liability in the event of damage related to the use of the product.

The contractual guarantee is excluded in all of the following cases:

  • normal wear and tear of the products;
  • A use of the products that does not comply with the instructions for use and/or is unsuitable for their intended purpose;
  • Deteriorations due to shocks;
  • A modification of the products by a third party;
  • The dismantling of products without requiring a LEET DESIGN service.
  • Neglect or deficiency in the storage, transport or maintenance of products
  • An external cause and/or circumstances qualified as force majeure as defined in article 15 hereof.

The warranty is also excluded if the intervention involves exceptional means in the event, in particular, of inaccessibility to the product.


LEET DESIGN's liability can only be incurred in the event of proven fault or negligence and is limited to direct damages to the exclusion of any indirect damage, of any nature whatsoever.

Furthermore, LEET DESIGN cannot be held liable in the following cases:

  • following a failure or deficiency in a product or service whose supply or delivery is not the responsibility of it or its potential subcontractors;
  • for facts and/or data that do not fall within the scope of the services, and/or that are not an extension of them;
  • In the event of use of the service, for an object or in a context different from that in which it was provided, of erroneous implementation of recommendations or of failure to take into account LEET Design's reservations.

LEET DESIGN is not liable neither from its insurers nor for indirect damages, nor for loss of profit or loss of opportunity or expected profits, nor for the financial consequences of actions possibly brought by third parties against the Customer.

Section 10 — IMAGE RIGHTS

Placing the order presupposes the acceptance by the Customer of the use of his references as part of LEET Design's commercial communication.

Article 11 — PERSONAL DATA

The Customer is informed that, as part of the management of operations relating to the contractual relationship with its customers, personal data is processed by LEET DESIGN as a data controller. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act as well as with the rules applicable since May 25, 2018 in application of the European General Data Protection Regulation, the data concerned is stored by LEET DESIGN for the entire duration of the contractual relationship plus the legal limitation periods.

The Customer benefits, under the conditions provided by law, from the right to query, access, rectify, a right to portability, to limit processing and to oppose for legitimate reasons, as well as the right to define guidelines relating to the fate of his data after his death. The latter can exercise the rights they have by contacting the company LEET DESIGN at the following email address: In the event of a dispute, the Customer may file a complaint with the CNIL, the contact details of which can be found at the following address:

Article 12 — NON-WAIVER

The fact that one of the parties does not take advantage of the application of any provision of the General Terms and Conditions cannot be interpreted as a waiver by that party of the rights that flow for it from said clause.

Article 13 — FORCE MAJEURE

Events beyond the control of the parties that they could not reasonably be required to predict, and that they could not reasonably be expected to avoid or overcome, are considered to be force majeure or fortuitous events, insofar as their occurrence makes it completely impossible to perform the obligations.

In particular, strikes by all or part of the personnel of LEET DESIGN or its usual carriers, fire, flood, war, production stoppages due to accidental breakdowns, IMT are considered to be cases of force majeure or fortuitous events that relieve LEET DESIGN of its obligations within the time initially planned. possibility of being supplied with raw materials, epidemics, thaw barriers, roadblocks, strike or interruption of supply to EDF-GDF, or interruption of supply, or interruption of procurement for a cause not attributable to the supplier, as well as any other cause of supply interruption that is not attributable to other suppliers.

In such circumstances, the company LEET DESIGN will notify the Customer in writing, in particular by fax or email, within 24 hours of the date the events occurred, the contract between the company LEET DESIGN and the Customer then being automatically suspended without compensation, from the date of occurrence of the event..

If the event were to last more than thirty (30) days from the date it occurred, the contract concluded by LEET DESIGN and the Customer may be terminated by the most diligent party, without any of the parties being able to claim damages and interests.

This termination will take effect on the date of first presentation of the registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt denouncing the said contract.


All images, photographs, illustrations and design as well as texts and comments reproduced on the site Are protected by copyright, trademark law and image rights worldwide.

This content published on the site Are the full property of the company Leet Design. As such, only use for private use and in compliance with the provisions of the intellectual property code is authorized.

Any other use violates counterfeiting and is punishable under intellectual property law.
Total or partial reproduction of the site It is strictly forbidden.


This Contract is governed by French law.

In the event of a dispute, both parties will make every effort to find an amicable solution.

In the absence of an amicable solution, any dispute relating to the application, execution or interpretation of the Contract will, by express agreement, be brought before the competent courts of Clermont-Ferrand.