Are phone booth an essential solution in open space ?

What if acoustic booths were the key to the constant noise...

By Céleste Gerbenne
Are phone booth an essential solution in open space ?

In an era where working in open spaces is becoming increasingly common in companies, the limitations of this solution must be considered.

Indeed, working daily in open offices means conducting business in a noisy, and even chaotic, work environment due to the hustle and bustle that can reign in some spaces.

To effectively address this issue, some choose to partition certain work areas, create meeting rooms, or opt for insulating panels, acoustic false ceilings, and a whole range of solutions that can ultimately represent a costly investment.

Yet, a solution exists to provide a quiet workspace that allows for better concentration and the absence of distractions: the office phone booth.

Phone calls, document or data analysis, report presentation, confidential meetings... In the professional world, there are numerous occasions where an employee needs to isolate themselves from noise and colleagues. Acoustic pods is ideal for meeting this need without having to deeply transform the workspace.

Cabine acoustique
At Greenpeace, an until-now unused frame was used to embed a double Arche.

What exactly is a phone booth ?

To define what an office phone booth is, we can initially consider it as a small, modular room equipped with a seat, a work surface, electrical and USB outlets, as well as appropriate lighting.

However, it would be absolutely incorrect to only consider the physical aspect of the phone box, as it represents a significant asset in the modern corporate world where the focus is on enhancing employee well-being to foster creativity and productivity.

The phone box comes in various versions depending on the needs of the workers, the company's management strategy, or the intrinsic requirements of the activity. The acoustic booth serves as an office, an intimate workspace, a confidential area, or even a meeting room for small groups when it comes to soundproofed and specifically arranged cabins.

Phone booth offers several advantages for outfitting open-spaces

It is no coincidence that the phone booth is becoming increasingly popular among businesses as well as employees.

Many companies have become aware of the limitations of an open work environment or coworking spaces and are therefore more inclined to turn to alternative solutions.

Far from questioning the added value of working in an open space, the phone box is seen as a way to diversify work methods, meet the expectations of certain employees, and significantly improve the quality of life in the office.

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Acoustic pods addresses various essential needs for balancing professional spaces between collaborative modes and the necessity for isolation:

  1. Confidentiality

The primary advantage employees find in using the office phone booth is the confidentiality it offers. Its acoustic isolation provides protection from eavesdropping, allowing for unrestrained conversation. Whether it's a phone call, reviewing a confidential document, or a meeting that requires no disturbances, the soundproof booth represents an ideal private space in an open-space office.

  1. Limiting sources of distraction

A colleague with a loud voice, a heated discussion at a nearby desk, external office noises, movements of people in the open space... These are just a few of the many sources of distraction that can hinder concentration and, consequently, the quality of work. The office phone booth is a comfortable workspace that protects you from noise pollution and allows for work in a calm environment.

  1. Improving productivity

Whether it's about focusing on important projects, devoting oneself entirely to an activity, or ensuring a phone call in perfect tranquility, the soundproof booth is undoubtedly the best solution to escape from surrounding noises and movements, thereby improving concentration and productivity. The same applies to group work that can be conducted in acoustic meeting rooms, which protect collaborators from various external solicitations typical of open-space work environments.

  1. Facility flexibility

In addition to its acoustic treatment that significantly reduces noise disturbances and its equipment that makes the workspace extremely comfortable, the office phone booth has the advantage of being fully modular, demountable, and reassemblable according to needs. This makes it a perfect solution for avoiding the need to redesign office layouts or for accommodating the evolution of a company, especially in scenarios like relocations. This flexibility and adaptability make it an ideal choice for dynamic and evolving business environments.

  1. Working comfort

High-quality insulating materials, artisanal craftsmanship in the finishing of coverings, ergonomic furniture, appropriate and quiet ventilation, optimal acoustic and thermal insulation, all combined with a creative design, present an alternative way of conceiving the individual office integrated into office spaces. This approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures a high level of functionality and comfort, redefining the concept of personal workspace in modern office environments.

  1. Savings for the company

While investing in an office phone booth does represent a certain cost for the company, especially when equipping an open space with several soundproof cabins, the long-term economic gain should be considered. Improved employee productivity, working conditions that foster greater engagement, reduced work-related stress and consequently absenteeism, a strengthened employer brand, and savings on office layout and fitting expenses... These benefits, though difficult to quantify, are important to consider in the context of an investment in the office phone booth.

In summary, the office phone booth is an excellent choice if you aim to improve productivity and the working conditions of your employees. Not to mention the numerous benefits that such an investment can yield.

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