Acoustic pod in open spaces: a real improvement or just a gadget?

More than just a bubble, it helps you every day!

By Céleste Gerbenne
Acoustic pod in open spaces: a real improvement or just a gadget?

Business incubators, start-ups, coworking spaces... In today's society, many business models are adopting a collaborative approach to their management strategy, and the number of open-plan workspaces is on the rise.‍

Trendy, practical and offering a convivial space conducive to exchange, open spaces have opened the door to a revolution in the way we think about teamwork.‍ But beyond the benefits of adopting this type of working environment, it is indisputable that noise is often omnipresent.

It's difficult to do anything other than deal with telephone calls, conversations between colleagues, people moving around, internal noise in open-space offices as well as external noise from the street or the simple click of a computer mouse.‍

Reducing noise pollution and improving acoustic comfort in workspaces is therefore becoming a major challenge for companies wishing to take advantage of the benefits of open-space while limiting its deleterious effects.

To meet these demands for productivity and well-being at work, there is a solution : acoustic pods.

What is an acoustic pod?

Acoustic pod, soundproof pod, phone booth office, phone box... Whatever you call it, an acoustic pod is in fact a modular workspace designed to reduce ambient noise. So much more than simply meeting the acoustic requirements for a better quality of life at work, the soundproof pod is fitted with high-performance equipment, quality coverings and comfortable ergonomic furniture.

The acoustic pod comes in different forms, from the individual phone box to the soundproof meeting room.

These solutions can be easily integrated into existing office layouts, allowing employees to work in peace and quiet while remaining at the heart of shared spaces.

A great alternative if you want to offer your employees privacy and confidentiality without them feeling isolated from the rest of the open space.

The acoustic pod, an attractive, high-performance solution for greater working freedom

Creating acoustic workspaces meets employees' need for freedom and privacy.

Being able to conduct a confidential conversation or organise a meeting with a small group, while remaining integrated into the heart of the open space, is a real added value for the quality of life at work and the productivity of teams.‍Acoustic pods can be private spaces as well as more intimate places for exchanges that promote a sense of recognition for a company's human resources.

Acoustic pods are designed to guarantee a high level of sound insulation thanks to the use of sound-absorbing materials, while offering your employees a completely autonomous workspace.‍This acoustic performance is combined with a modern design that allows acoustic pods to integrate easily and harmoniously into collaborative workspaces.

Whatever the aesthetics and visual identity of your open-plan offices, there are so many options for customisation, panelling, upholstery, colours and equipment that it's always possible to invest in one or more acoustic pods to match your image.

The design of the acoustic pod is essential if you want your employees to adopt it. In addition to the sound absorption coefficient that these installations must guarantee, they must also be welcoming and comfortable for occupants.

Individual acoustic pod or acoustic meeting room?

In addition to the modularity of the acoustic pod, it has the advantage of being available in a multitude of versions to meet every business need. Regardless of the constraints inherent in your open-plan office layout, the acoustic pod adapts to all structures and all surface areas.‍

The first step in choosing the acoustic pod(s) that will fit into your open-plan office is to define your needs and target your employees' expectations.

This is the best way to meet your productivity requirements while offering your teams a wider range of soundproofing solutions.Creating individual offices or fitting out new meeting rooms, over and above the cost of the investment, represents a permanent solution for which it is difficult to go back.

If you want to reduce noise pollution in your working environment, you need to invest in alternative and often costly solutions: acoustic partitions and panels, acoustic treatment of floors and false ceilings, soundproofing of walls, double glazing, insulating floor coverings, acoustic curtains, etc.

Individual acoustic pod

Ideal for making confidential telephone calls and preserving the privacy of the discussion thanks to a system for filtering sound waves coming from outside, the individual acoustic pod is generally equipped with ergonomic designer furniture, a work surface and electrical and USB sockets.

The interior layout consists of partitions covered with felt and padded fabrics, contributing to the impression of a cocoon, conducive to concentration and productive work.

Acoustic pod and meeting room

Designed to accommodate a small number of people, between two and four depending on the version and manufacturer, the acoustic meeting pod is perfect for discussing a project in complete privacy, avoiding sources of external distraction, especially as it is possible to personalise the glazing by affixing a film for even greater confidentiality in use.‍

In conclusion, the acoustic pod represents a real alternative that is far from being just a trend in the professional world.

At a time when open-space workspaces are becoming increasingly common, this acoustic pod solution is an ideal way of reconciling the need for collaboration and team cohesion with the need for confidentiality or the working methods favoured by some employees.

Opting for an acoustic phone box means improving your company's image, optimising productivity and strengthening your employer brand, making your company a structure in tune with the times.

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