Your guide to noise cancelling!

From A to Z, we guide you through the purchase of your acoustic pod...

By Céleste Gerbenne
Your guide to noise cancelling!

Are you thinking about redesigning your workspace but don't know where to start?

This guide will help you:

- The benefits of acoustic pods.
- For whom and to what extent?
- How much do they cost?
- How will they be installed?

The many benefits of the phone box for your company

‍Modern companies are unanimous: open-space offices ise a collaborative space that brings added value to the professional world and to employees' working environment.

Space savings, team cohesion, development of collective intelligence, a feeling of belonging to a group, optimisation of internal communication - these are all benefits for productivity and the company's image, but they must not overshadow the main drawback of these solutions: noise and lack of privacy.

‍In fact, although shared workspaces make for more convivial exchanges between colleagues and a collaborative spirit, in such a working environment, a simple phone conversation or a conversation between two team members can quickly become a source of distraction, or even discomfort, for the others.


This is where the phone box represents a truly acoustic and confidential solution that allows all employees to isolate themselves while remaining at the centre of your office space. Make calls in complete confidentiality, focus on a particular issue, take part in a videoconference meeting, enjoy an intimate space for small group discussions, phone box is an essential solution if you want to meet your employees' needs for comfort, soundproofing and privacy.

Much more than just a acoustic pod for offices, phone boxes address many of the problems encountered by employees in the workplace: difficulty concentrating, psychological fatigue, mental overload, lack of privacy, etc.

Who are phone boxes designed for?

Business incubators, start-ups, coworking spaces, administrative centres... many private and public sector organisations have opted for open-plan offices. But while these open-plan offices help to create a real dynamic within the company, encouraging team cohesion, the emergence of collective intelligence and collaborative working, they have certain limitations and constraints for employees.‍

In your vision of a modern, up-to-the-minute working environment, it's important to think about creating exceptional areas that allow employees to isolate themselves in ways other than locking themselves in a meeting room or being forced to leave the office.

‍The phone box makes it possible to work in an open space while still being able to enjoy a moment of privacy to concentrate on a task, make a confidential call, share freely on a project between colleagues or simply enjoy a moment of calm, away from the hustle and bustle of the shared workspace.

From the acoustic pod for an individual office to the soundproof meeting room for confidential discussions without disturbing your neighbours, the phone box solutions available generally fit in ideally with all types of professional office as much as they help to improve the quality of life at work.

How much should you invest in a phone box?

Creating a dedicated, soundproof workspace means above all taking into consideration the intrinsic needs of the company and the methods of collaboration in the professional environment. With this in mind, no two office phone boxes are alike, requiring different customisation depending on the uses, needs and aesthetics of this personal and confidential workspace concept.

A number of criteria will affect the purchase price of your phone box:

  • Individual acoustic pod or meeting room for two or four people
  • Integration of screens or office automation devices
  • Ventilation system capacity
  • Electrical and digital connectors
  • Type of interior finish
  • Privacy filter

So many factors of personalisation that call on our know-how and that will determine the purchase value of your individual phone box or your shared office phone box.

Because every project is unique, our team is at your disposal to discuss it and offer you acoustic solutions that meet your needs, are adapted to your working environment and are in line with your budget.

How do you install your phone boxes?

First of all, you should know that our teams take full responsibility for the delivery and assembly of the Arches.

When you invest in a phone box, there's no question of calling into question the existence of our shared office spaces and partitioning off a workplace designed to be open and create synergy between teams.

Whatever the size or layout of your business premises, the phone box is designed to provide your employees with a comfortable workspace, conducive to better concentration and the completion of tasks that require greater confidentiality, not to mention the intimate nature of the phone box, which can be a real pressure relief valve for your employees

The phone box office concept is a solution that allows you to open up new workspaces and vary the environments offered to your employees.

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