What are the advantages of choosing a connected acoustic pod ?

An innovative phone box, which adapts to the needs of all users...

By Céleste Gerbenne
What are the advantages of choosing a connected acoustic pod ?

Whether in open spaces, coworking or even in smaller premises, each of us has different expectations and needs. Acoustic booths meet the needs of those who prefer to work in peace, without disturbing their neighbors. That being said, other requirements may be taken into account in order to feel completely comfortable working, the connected acoustic booths offer this possibility!

1. Take control of the acoustic pod's ambient settings

Do you know about the Hawthorne effect? This study showed that the variation in brightness in the workspace was translated into a peak in productivity among employees! Varying the light, both more intensely and very dimly, gave employees the impression that their management was paying more attention to their working conditions.

While some people are more productive in a subdued environment, others need to be woken up by brighter light. In the most modern acoustic booths, a tactile dashboard allows the brightness to be modulated in several levels, with a single click, according to individual needs.

Cabine acoustique

When a work session in a phone box lasts several tens of minutes, the ambient temperature increases, which is regulated by ventilation. However, some bodies emit more heat than others, which is why you should choose a connected acoustic pod. This will allow you to adjust the ventilation level to your liking.

2. Change the opacity of the windows endlessly

If you work in an open space, and are not comfortable being constantly seen and surrounded by people, this connected feature is the solution to your privacy needs.

Connected acoustic booths whose walls are glazed, can be equipped with liquid crystal film (LCD), this technology offers the user privacy on request and in less than a second, via the integrated dashboard.

This innovative function is composed of liquid crystal polymers, when electrified, they change their position. Activated, these crystals align and the glazing is transparent, and when it is deactivated, the molecules scatter the light and the glazing opacifies.

Phone box

In addition to being functional and adapted to the needs of all, this connected film consumes practically nothing! Depending on your desires and the placement of the connected acoustic cabin, you can choose to apply it on only one side, as on both sides, at your request.

3. We ensure the proper functioning of your acoustic pod

Like any connected object, a malfunction may occur.

The system we have developed makes it possible to monitor all electronic elements remotely. Whether the problem is with the light or the ventilation, sometimes a simple restart is necessary but in other cases, the problem may be due to an industrial defect or misplugged wiring.

At leet design, our priority is to make business life more pleasant through furniture. That is why we have developed remote maintenance technology on the Arche+ system. No need to call us anymore, the dedicated department is automatically informed about the operation of all electronic components.

4. Design your workspaces using usage data

It is not easy to understand everyone's habits and behavior, different schedules, schedules and needs as well. Connected acoustic pod have a fine presence detector, which collects accurate usage data, is used to the layout of your space :

  • Average session length
  • Number of daily users
  • Details of the most popular schedules

Let's say that several cabins are positioned on either side of a platform, after 1 month of use, the data collected by the connected pods indicates that one of the pod is overoccupied and that the other two are much less busy. It would be wise to change the location of the phone boxes, according to the data collected, so that employees can fully enjoy their usefulness.

Cabine acoustique

Other advantages should be taken into consideration (the outdoor LED light, the visual confidentiality threshold, etc.), if you want to know more, you can consult technical specifications.

Now you have all the information you need to choose the soundproofing solution that is best for you!

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